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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I love to read blogs, I have a list of regular blogs that I view on a daily basis and use them for inspiration, ideas, a good laugh, etc. I often ask myself, "what really makes the best blog?" I guess it's all of the qualities I previously mentioned. I find myself constantly amazed by the creativity in my fellow humans and love that the internet has provided so many a forum to vent, create and share. I've had a few blogs in the past and have used them mostly for a source of personal creativity but would love to be as talented as so many other who really have something to say. So, I've compiled a list of blogs that I enjoy and encourage you to check them out. One of my favorites, "Soule Mama" provides inspiration on a daily basis. Her most recent post:

"In the midst of so much, I'm doing my best to find the still. Those moments are harder to come by these days, and they always mean letting something else go by the wayside. But oh, they matter so much. So much." I love that. Some people just have a knack for saying things the right way. Check out her blog at

Other blogs I love -,,

Happy Reading, everybody and enjoy this wonderful Fall weather. November 10th and 62 degrees?! We'll take it!


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