Barefoot by the Sea: And then there were three...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

And then there were three...

SURPRISE: To cause to feel wonder, astonishment, or amazement, as at something unanticipated.

Our friends just recently had their very first baby.   A tiny, perfect baby girl that they named Kaitlyn.  They waited and kept the gender a surprise and what a delight for them to discover their most perfect baby girl!  Over the weekend, I decided to design a handmade card for them in celebration of their newest arrival (ok, I have a thing for birds but it just fit.)

There are so few surprises these days and what an absolute perfect gift to give one another after nine long months!  

Congratulations friends!  You are about to embark upon the most incredible journey! 

Looking forward to what other surprises 2010 may bring!


  1. Love the birds! Do you do any abstract designs??
    Love your pattern, color and designs and would like to see something that might work in a non nursery home! Thanks, Jess


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