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Friday, January 29, 2010

Hello Friend!

This past weekend was a great opportunity to drag out the snowsuit and spend some time outside.  What I had forgotten was how absolutely exhausting it is to get an 18 month old bundled up for a twenty minute jaunt into the frozen tundra.  She couldn't move, so completely bundled beyond belief.  Riley had a blast sledding and building snow castles while Sydney was just memorized by the glistening snow.  While they played quietly for a couple minutes, I couldn't help but remember the very first Winter we used that snowsuit, which seems so long ago.

Thank you, old snowsuit - you've served us well! 
                               2006                                                                                            2010

 Good thing we don't have a third because little Miss Messy Sydney is not quite as tidy as Miss Riley was back then...

Enjoy your weekend everybody!
Don't forget, the giveaway ends this Sunday at 7pm EST.  I'll post the results Monday! 

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  1. Oh, I've been thinking that we should let Griffin play on the swingset this winter, too, but I'm SO thin-blooded that I don't think I could handle the cold!


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