Barefoot by the Sea: Ok, I'll admit it, I'm a coupon clipper...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ok, I'll admit it, I'm a coupon clipper...

I've always liked to save a little cash, who doesn't?  The recent downward swing of the economy has only made me want to hold onto my little Benjamins (well, Washingtons) tighter.  I'm that woman you see in the grocery store, completely frazzled, with a too big baby strapped into the front carrier and another kid in tow.  I spend my time digging coupons out of my bag, comparing prices, dancing down the aisle to the songs of the '70s and fighting off little hands who want to "help" with the coupon selection.  Ah yes, it's quite an adventure when these three ladies hit the local market.  People smile or look away in disgust as I think to myself, "There has go to be an easier way!"

I've tried different methods of collecting and sorting coupons: white envelopes, bags and the lovely paper coupon organizer that ripped after a month of use.  I'll never forget last Winter when, in the gripping cold, my entire organizer flipped backwards and a confetti of coupons littered the parking lot of Shaws.

I was going to give up!

  Then, I found GRANDMA'S LITTLE LILLY, an adorable shop run by Rhonda who opened her shop last Spring after the birth of her first Granddaughter.  Sewing for years,  she opened her store to make quality, affordable items that children, mothers and families would find useful.  The coupon organizers that she constructs are amazing and available in a variety of modern, classic and unique patterns.   They are user friendly and attach to your grocery cart so you can stay organized and productive (if there is such a thing) while shopping.  Handmade with quality, cotton fabric, these organizers are machine washable and won't fall apart like those flimsy plastic or paper coupon organizers.  She also includes dividers and labels for you!  In addition to the coupon organizers, she makes handmade crayon totes for kids, eco friendly snack baggies and fabric envelopes.


So, there you have it!  Oh, and I'll admit, I'm still that frazzled woman in the grocery store with the two kiddos but now, I'm dancing down the aisles with a cool coupon organizer...

Check back tomorrow for a giveaway from Grandma's Little Lilly!


  1. You had me laughing at the coupon confetti image of you at the market.

  2. Love it-esp the big baby strapped to the front-that must be a sight! I love coupons too. Check out They have some awesome deals. Holly S

  3. love it...and i am a coupon girl too! can't wait for the giveaway!


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