Barefoot by the Sea: Spring in style

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring in style

Over the weekend, I started looking for some Spring and Summer clothes for our wee ones.  I came across Smile and Wave's tutorial on a sweet onesie dress.  It's super cute and maybe (just maybe) something I can pull off.  Check it out here.  

I just love finding all the wonders the internet has to offer.  Tutorials make me actually feel super crafty!  Imagine that!


  1. Definitely something you can pull off! I can't wait to see the results :-)

  2. I saw that too. It so very cute, I love it. I would love to see if you can pull it off...I have no faith in myself. Ha!

  3. oh la la- can't wait to see how yours comes out- please post pics! I might even try myself- I have some cool onsies that I have kept that might work.


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