Barefoot by the Sea: Instant pops

Friday, August 13, 2010

Instant pops

I've blogged about our love of pops before.  The girls can't seem to get enough.  The other day I ran out so I decided to make my own yogurt pops.  The easiest thing ever!  Just cut one slit on the top of a yogurt, insert sticks and freeze  (I would not recommend the colored sticks, we ended up throwing these away because of the dye but you get the idea).  Stick them in the freezer for a few hours and when they are ready, they'll slip right out.  Viola! Instant ice pops.  I've also frozen (sans stick) these prior hitting the beach and the girls have nice cold yogurt in time for lunch.  

Caution: Beware of the sandy yogurt! I'm not really sure that yogurt + beach works for my littlest yet.
Happy Friday everybody! 


  1. omg, how easy! So clever! And yeah... sand + yogurt probably not the safest lol

    hugs! Kim @
    party inspiration

  2. Such a great idea. I just bought some of this yogurt.

  3. We do this too! It is so easy and so yummy!! I feel better about these than regular popsicles!

  4. What a FABULOUS tip! My little ones are always asking for pops especially when we ran out. This is great as they love yoghurt.

  5. Wow!! Awesome idea!!! I even have some in the fridge I can throw in the freezer. Thanks.


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