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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Smocking - add it to my wish list

I picked up a Women's Day magazine, circa 1948 at an estate sale a couple of weeks ago.  In it, I came across an article all about English Smocking.  I love the way these little girl dresses look at although I don't think I'll be prefecting this anytime soon, I sure would love to outfit my girlies in these sweet looks!
I also came across this little dress, which was in a pile of hand-me-downs for Miss Sydney.  So cute and I think it is on our must wear list during these last days of Summer. 
One more thing - we watched the Parent Trap this weekend (again) and I wish I could make all of Sharon's clothes (the one from Boston) in littlier sizes.  I guess I'll add it all to my list of things to learn and craft!


  1. ALL of my dresses growing up looked like that second [orangish] picture! My mom smocked matching dresses for my sister and I, and I wish I knew how to do it.
    Haven't seen the old Parent Trap in years!! I can't remember what Sharon's clothes looked like - guess I'll have to find a copy and watch it :]

  2. cute dress it is great to look back. I love going to apple farms and fun places like that in the fall..

  3. Super cute! I have 2 little girls and I love dressing them like little girls and not like grown ups:)Happy Mothering!
    Also. Just wanted to stop by and let you know that I posted my first of a month long of Be a Better me challenges today, hope you can stop by and link up!

  4. I remember those dresses! I remember I had a navy blue one with white stitching so vividly!

  5. Smocking tops my lists of "Don't even try" and "Admire from a distance." :)


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