Barefoot by the Sea: The (evil) Snowman

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The (evil) Snowman

There is a little house across the way that has a giant, I mean GIANT snowman right in the front.  He is deflated during the day of course but is 
reserected nightly.  I'm all for holiday decorations and there's no doubt my kiddos love him but he is literally taller than this tiny house.  The other day he was shaking so much in the wind that he looked a little, well....evil

Has the insanity of the holidays gotten to me already?  

Is this photo horribly out of focus or is this snowman actually marching toward me?  The logical assumption would be my first statement which would mean I need my new camera.  Santa?  can you hear me?


  1. Yikes!!!!! I am not a fan of these mega sized air filled/energy sucking decorations... so I'm on the side that he's out to get ya! (lol) ;P

  2. My kids have been begging for one of those and I'm a little freaked out by them, too.

  3. ahhahahah.... i whispered to santa to get you a new one :D

    ahhahah.... misses you blog like crazy. while in silk market beijing the other day, i saw a few nice ornament, i instantly thought of you and few other bloggers. how i wish my luggage have unlimited weight so that i can got everything for everyone!

    i shall be back this week and catch with civilization and blogging :D


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