Barefoot by the Sea: The last winners (but you're all winners in my book)

Friday, December 3, 2010

The last winners (but you're all winners in my book)

This post wraps up the holiday gift guide giveaway with four special shops featuring unique products and great shopping ideas for Holiday 2010!  Here goes...

Wehaf, #11, was the winner of the Zoss Design Giveaway!  She said, "I love the Wood Block horse card!"  You have won a set of cards from her shop!

Congrats also to Heathly Mama, #5, the winner of the Mabels Labels Giveaway!  She said, "We bought a 'real' old fashioned steam locomotive that the kids will wake up and find going around the Tree!"  How fun is that!!!  Your kiddos are also going to have some personalized labels under the tree, courtesy of Mabel!!!! 
Mandi, #8, is the winner of the Ashlee's Boutique giveaway!  She said, "I love the ruffle wreath."  Mandi will be receiving a lovely red and white paw print stocking!

Melissa was the winner of the Coconut Bliss giveaway!  She said, "I'm like you in that I LOVE coconut! I'd love to try the coconut and pineapple!"  Melissa will be getting a free pint to try!  Congrats!

Finally, thanks to everybody who entered the Barefoot by the Sea book giveaway.  Everybody who entered got a special something in the mail! 

Can I say, I love my readers?


  1. what fun giveaways! sad that I won none but happy for those that did:)
    stop by my blog on the 12th because rumor has it that there may be giveaways galore then.:)gina

  2. My daughter LOVES her book!! Thanks so much!!!

  3. Yes! Perfect! I'm so excited, thanks so much for hosting all these giveaways and especially for our wonderful book! Baby Mona still loves to flip through it over and over looking at the pictures. ;)


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