Barefoot by the Sea: One happy gingerbread man!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

One happy gingerbread man!

Recently, we were on the hunt for that perfect gingerbread house.  I had nightmares of last year's construction - that "perfect" house collapsed within the first 15 minutes of decorating.  We were left with two sad kiddos and a mess of green, red and frosting.  Not this year!  Here's a simple and quick gingerbread house that even the most rugged kiddos will not demolish!

  • 8-10 graham crackers
  • Empty milk carton (school size)
  • Plate
  • Colorful hard candies to decorate (peppermint, gumdrops, sprinkles, etc.)
  • Tube frosting with varied tips
  • White frosting
Step One: Place the milk carton on the plate. Spread the white frosting on the outside of the milk carton.
Step Two: Arrange four graham crackers on the outside of the milk carton. These will be the walls of the house. Add frosting as needed to make them stick.
Step Three: Place one graham cracker on top of your gingerbread house. This will be the base of the roof. "Glue" it on with frosting.
Step Four: To make a pointed roof, lean two graham crackers on the roof's base. Secure them with more frosting.
Step Five: Decorate the house. The white frosting looks like snow, so it's fun to spread some on the roof and around the outside of the house. Use the tube frosting to make fancy trim, windows, or doorways. Use small candies for trimmings and decoration. Use construction paper to make a pathway, trees, or people.

Have fun and good luck keeping the kiddos from sampling!


  1. yeay! succeeded! cant wait for everyone's xmas decor post :D

  2. It looks adorable. :)

    I am so grateful to preschool, I would never have known how to build a foolproof Gingerbread house :)

    Happy Holidays, T. :)

  3. never thought of the milk carton before...good solution!

  4. i can't wait until Noah is old enough to make a gingerbread house. so much fun!


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