Barefoot by the Sea: Channeling Summer

Friday, February 18, 2011

Channeling Summer

It's been a wee bit milder around here the past couple of days.  We seem to miss Summer even more!  The sun, the beach, visiting the farm, being outside, kiddie pools, sprinklers, you get the picture.  We remembered we picked fresh raspberries on a hot early July morning this past Summer and thought on a 20 degree day, we'd try to capture a little bit of Summer. 

Simple Summer Smoothie
Take one individual yogurt (we used Stonyfield Strawberry)
Add in your frozen berries (we used our June stawberries and July raspberries)
We added a splash of fresh squeezed orange juice to make the blending easier and then sat back and watched (great activity, by the way - she was mesmorized)
She loved every last drop!


  1. YUM I want one. It is straight up HOT here today.
    Like you can wear flip flops and shorts.

  2. yummmy smoothies! i can't wait for summer! or really, i'll take spring first. i love spring.

  3. Hi, am new to your blog, and it's kind of funny having you thinking about Summer. I just said this morning "I'm kind of over Summer" we live in the subtropics, and have actually put the air con on for only the 3rd time this Summer! Glad the smoothie was enjoyed! I'm off to check out the rest of your blog now, Jane:)


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