Barefoot by the Sea: The twirly skirt

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The twirly skirt

Do the little ones in your life have a favorite piece of clothing?  These days, Sydney refuses to wear pants.  She inisits on dresses and skirts, the "twirlier the better".  No pajamas, only nightgowns.  Yes, this is the girl who will literally nosedive off the couch, bounce off my enormous balancing ball and on to the carpert without a reaction.  The princess daredevil.  Although our Winter hasn't been harsh, it still presents it's challanges when outside looks like this....
Most days, we opt for an indoor dance party anyway. 


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  2. I find I have a similar problem.. a closet full of clothes and I usually wear the same 5 things lol


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