Barefoot by the Sea: Barefoot Books for Spring and a Coupon!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Barefoot Books for Spring and a Coupon!

Barefoot Books make lovely Springtime and Easter gifts.  Here are a few items that are on my radar this Spring:

An rip free alternative to a pop up book, Who's in the Garden is a Peek-A-Boo book!  Super colorful!
What's This? is a Springtime story about a young girl planting a sunflower seed
A Grandfather teaches his grandson all about where honey comes from in The Beeman
These puppets look adorable in baskets!

I know I've talked about these before, but Barefoot Books' Kids Yoga Decks are fantastic in teaching little ones basic yoga poses.  I highly recommend Yoga Pretzels and the book, My Daddy is a Pretzel

Shop now at Barefoot by the Sea and save 20% off your total order by using the coupon code AMBTWY also get free shipping on all purchases of $60 or more!  These books make wonderful Spring and Easter gifts!


  1. You know I am on it!! Thanks for the tips on books. I wanna pick out a few for Easter and birthdays we have coming up. And thanks for the coupon code.

  2. I am a new follower. Your pictures are really good! Please feel free to check out my personal blog:
    as well as the blog my daughter and I do together:

  3. okay, those puppets are ADORABLE!!!


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