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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Container Gardening

The first signs of Spring have me dreaming of a plentiful garden.  I wouldn't exactly say I have a green thumb (more like brown thumb with a little green end).  However, a few years ago, I learned of the Earthbox and discovered the benefits of container gardening!  Basically anybody can container garden, as long as you have a sunny spot, prepare your soil correctly and water!  I have had much success with tomatoes, strawberries and peas.  Last year, the girls absolutely loved plucking little cherry tomatoes with their hands, it became an evening ritual for them to top our salad with their bounty.  So, this year, our plan is to do more tomatoes, peas, green beans, tons of herbs (as always) and strawberries. 
(This picture is from the year we did our first Earthbox, snapped the day before her sister was born, on June 25th, 2008!)

Oh yes, I'll still dream of a huge, sprawling garden but for now, I'm content with growing a little of our own produce and teaching the kids a little about gardening.  There is some serious satisfaction in growing your own food and I feel that it's important knowledge to pass along. 

You can read more about container gardening here or about Earthboxes here

Happy Planting!


  1. I need to check this out. Everything I attempt to grow dies. And I want to grow some veggies!

  2. My mother who has been an advid gardener for 40+ years loves the earth boxes! Great idea.

  3. errr. that should have been avid. oops

  4. I love gardening also, and I've been using the Square Foot Gardening method- somewhat similar to yours! Looks lovely!

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