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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Clearly a fan

My oldest, Riley has never been a huge character lover.  Don't get me wrong, she loves reading, watching, playing and learning about princesses and alike, she just has never been one to want to meet any of them live and in person.  Santa?  Not a fan.  The Easter Bunny? "His hair is sort of brownish white Mom, he looks dirty."  Really, can you blame her?  The idea of some strange person inside the costume....or, the scary, larger than life "friends" (check out Dora on Good Gravy's post here). 

But, I've said it before, my two girls are different in many ways.  Sydney would spot from a mile away.  She greeted them with the enthusiasm I see after she plays in the mud or writes on my couch. 

"Relax Riley, this is Disney, at least the larger than life characters don't have dirty looking fur, like that Mall Easter Bunny"

*Trust me, she also enjoyed meeting the Princesses...with the exception of Rapunzel, who is there from 9-5 every day and has a TWO HOUR line without exception. 

Mama's nice but not that nice!


  1. so much fun! i want to take the girls so badly, we just have to figure out when!

  2. awww how cute! Love the pics!

    Thanks so much for your sweet welcoming comment you left the other day. I forgot if i wrote you back or not... ive been so bad! trying to get back into the swing of things!

    how are you my friend?!


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