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Monday, May 2, 2011

Thank you teacher!

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week! 

Our school really gets into the lovefest and provides breakfast and lunch to their teaching staff (provided by parent volunteers) and seeks out dontations from local businesses to raffle off gift baskets.  It's really started me thinking about how important a teacher is to a young, impressionable, person.  We have had a wonderful experience this year with our first grade teacher.  She has high expectations, enthusiasm and so much energy that she can keep a class of 18 six year olds listening, learning and paying attention.  I sat in awe when she rang her chimes and warrented immediate silence in the classroom.
Riley will be taking in a basket of gerber daisies and a homeade card today and she is so excited about it!

So, if you're looking for last minute teacher appreciation gifts, check out Skip To My Lou and grab these adorable printables or check out the other ideas!!!

Happy Monday! 

Look for a fabulous giveaway this week from Funky Vintage Lovely too!


  1. Skip to my Lou has some great ideas! A heartfelt thank you is the best gift though (in my experience at least!). CUTE blooms!! :)

  2. OH! Thanks so much for posting this!! I LOVE IT! Mrs. F will be getting a little plant with this tomorrow! :)

  3. That's so cute! We sent some home made berry cookies today for 'Berry Day' ;) Tomorow is bring a flower or plant (or draw one ect.) So this is a perfect idea! So excited, thank you.

  4. That flower pot is such a great idea! Teachers really deserve a lot of thanks! I know I wouldn't ever be able to do their job.


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