Barefoot by the Sea: More Summer Fun = Germ Central

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More Summer Fun = Germ Central

We've taken a lot of trips this Summer.  More recently, to Yorks Wild Animal Kingdom.  An impromptu trip with our family, the kids had a fun day visiting the animals and enjoying the rides. 
And yes, I'm pretty sure these rides have been here since the beginning of time.  Still fun but seriously, grab the hand sanitizer! 


  1. Emma had such a fun time on these rides! And has been talking about visiting you guys every. single. day. since :-) Have to get together again soon! Hopefully before the snow flies!

  2. I have to get these pictures to you! We have a zillion and the hilarious ones of that pink slide. Emma seriously looks like she's flying! We will definetely plan to get together at some point soon!

  3. oh how fun! looks like a fun place! we've been getting out and doing a bunch of fun things this summer too. love all the pictures!


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