Barefoot by the Sea: My new favorite pants!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My new favorite pants!

Last week, I had about six minutes total to "relax", it's been that busy around here.  I decide to see what's on tv and (of course) the DVR isn't working.  I'm stuck watching the commercials which we never watch since our TIVO arrived on Christmas of 2003.  Anyway, as I'm flipping through the channels, this product comes across my screen and I'm memorized.   This item is either genius or absurd!  

Pajama jeans....

Now, let me just say I'm all for comfy clothing but when I saw these, I could picture woman sporting these with saggy worn out knees strolling through the local shopping center.  Have you seen these?  Have you worn these? Do you secretly own a pair?  Are you hoping Santa brings you the "80's fade" or "denim dark?" 

For me, I think I'll stick to my black yoga pants and also, I want my 6 minutes back!  I have a way of getting sucked into pointless entertainment!


  1. Didn't realize these were even still around. I am a yoga pant girl too, and just can't picture myself putting on a pair of pj's that look like jeans and going out in public in them.

  2. Didn't you know that I had these?! I love them! ;-) Where do you find this stuff!?

  3. I think these are hilarious, I've always hoped I will be out somewhere and see someone wearing a pair! I'm a yoga pant fan too :)

  4. I just might order some for a Halloween costume- too funny!


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