Barefoot by the Sea: Your Wish Is Granted....Newman's Own Organics Winner!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Your Wish Is Granted....Newman's Own Organics Winner!

Onto the business at hand....and I apologize for the delay, this past weekend, I had my first holiday fair of the season, and guests, so I'm overloaded with laundry and dishes a little bit behind!

We have a winner!  Congrats to #3, Christa, who is the winner of the Newman's Organics Giveaway!  She said, "I would love to try there oatmeal chocolate chip cookies because they are one of my husband's favorites. The ginger snaps also sound very good!"
I want to thank everyone who gave it a shot and be sure to check out these great products the next time you are out shopping!  Thanks also to Newman's Own Organics for this wonderful giveaway! 

The other exciting news of the day is that I'm featured on Pink Dandy Chatter today! Check it out here!

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!  Off to fold some clothes!!!

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  1. Thanks so much!!! BTW- Your daughter is so adorable! I loved the wings the kids made from your first tutorial on Pink Dandy Chatter. :)


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