Barefoot by the Sea: Quick Smocks for the Littles

Monday, January 30, 2012

Quick Smocks for the Littles

Ok, I admit it, this isn't technically a tutorial but it's a great tip for all those little artists out there!  I just happened to have two of my own Picassos and we need a lot of smocks!

Grab Dad's or Grandpa's old oxford shirt (one that they won't be wearing again) and have them wear it backwards, roll the sleeves and button it up the back.  Viola!  Instant smock!  I've found these to be very durable and a great way to up-cycle our clothing.  

Sydney, 2012
Riley, 2008
Messy bed head hair optional for that "runway look"


  1. Great idea! My boys tend to not want to wear clothes so they paint in the nude haha. I just toss them in the bath afterwards.

  2. Very cute pics! I have a feeling that this was the smock that I wore when I was little :)
    My kids tend to go naked like Carrie's :)
    xx Sannah

  3. These photos are adorable!!! Looks like they had a fun time :) I still seem to need a smock like that too haha. Art projects are my favorite!

  4. Great idea! I love to see the little one's creating. :-)


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