Barefoot by the Sea: Tuesday Tips & a little giveaway!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday Tips & a little giveaway!

"Get to know the companies you're supporting!"
One of my goals this year (and in year's past) is to keep it local.  When I say that, I'm refering to purchasing food, gifts, etc from my immediate area, supporting our downtown businesses and farmers whenever possible.  We have had a couple new fantastic shops in our area open recently as well as some new restaurants.  Even though we rarely eat out, we will be trying to frequent independently owned eateries over some of the more popular chains.  That being said, it isn't always realistic or financially possible to always buy local so you have to do what works for you.  I'd be a liar if I said that here in the Northeast I could purchase local tomatoes in January or afford local organic dairy products.  So, I try hard to learn more about the companies that I purchase from and feel better about supporting those companies who, in my opinion go "above and beyond".  Over the next few Tuesdays, I'm going to focus on these companies and tell you about what makes them different than the usual suspects...

Cabot Creamery - What I love about Cabot Creamery is that they are a farm family owned cooperative located in Vermont.  Members include 1,200 family farms throughout New England and New York all working to craft delicious cheddar and dairy products.  Their award winning cheddars include classic, specialty, reduced fat and flavored cheddars.  They also offer yogurt (Greek and regular), whipped cream, butter, cream cheese and more produtcs.  Quality is key and their rich quality products are free from artifical growth hormones.  Check out their website for delicious recipes including kid friendly recipes like this Apple Cabot Cheddar Braid and these yummy looking Lettuce Wraps.  Here, you'll also find a link regarding their Healthy Schools program, coloring pages and more! 
  • **Best Bets** One of my favorite snacks is their Serious Snacking 50% Reduced Fat Cheddar pack.  At 50 calories per bar, it's a quick and delcious snack.  I also love the Serious Snacking 50% Reduced Fat Cheddar Jalapeno Bars for an extra kick.  These are great snacks for the kids, lunchboxes and on the go!

Olivia's Organics - Olivia's Pledge is what I love most about this company.  Their lettuce is delcious, fresh and crunchy.  They pledge that their products are all natural, pesticide free and radiation free.  They also only use natural fertilizer and strive to utilize renewable resources.  Their family run farm offers Organic Lettuces, Seasonal Products (including things like butternut squash), celery, cooking greens and Romaine Hearts.  Olivia's website also has a recipe section which includes some delicious looking salads like the Tangy Spinach Shrimp Avocado!  We buy Olivia's Organics on a weekly basis and I take pride in feeding the girls this fresh, delcious lettuce. 
  • **Best Bets** The baby spinach is their favorite and I love the arugula!  Check out their website for more information about this wonderful company, striving to make a difference in the community! 

Giveaway Time!  One winner will receive a coupon for a free box of Olivia's delcious lettuce and a coupon to use off a purchase of any Cabot product!

Enter Now - Visit Cabot Creamery's website and Olivia's Organic's website and leave a comment here on which 2 products you'd like to try most.  (Keep in mind these products may or may not be in your area - so keep that in mind). 
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Details, details - This giveaway will run until 1-29-11, winner will be drawn via and is open to US residents only. 

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. I love their seriously sharp cheddar, yum! And it is a toss up for Olivia's between the baby romaine and the spring mix.

  2. I don't have either in my area, but I love that you support local. I think that is wonderful! We have some wonderful local places here that we like to make sure we support as well. I am loving the picture on Cabot Creamery's website, gorgeous!


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