Barefoot by the Sea: I love me a 3 day weekend!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I love me a 3 day weekend!

There is something about a three day weekend, free from plans, that I simply ADORE.  This past weekend, we had just that!  No plans, no visitors, just family time and it was wonderful!  We managed to spend quite a bit of time outside (in February?  in New Hampshire?) riding bikes, scooters and swinging.  We also took full advantage of a little walking trail we had yet to discover in our area and the girls loved their adventure!  Running around the crunchy leaves in the woods was fun and different.  Finally, we managed to PAINT OUR KITCHEN!  I'm so happy to get a fresh coat on the walls and watch those fingerprints and marks disappear.  Next up:  The entryway and our hallway but that will wait (for now), baby steps....

The girls wanted pink or purple (shocker) but we debated between gray, cream and tans.  In the end, Manchester Tan won.  A good friend (Cory) said years ago he only uses Benjamin Moore and I have to agree.  It goes on smoothly and easily! 

Before....                                                                       After.....   
Yes, subtle but definetely is brighter, fresher and cleaner!  While Jeff painted, I attacked our kitchen cart, which was unfinished since our wedding.  That "kitchen cart" actually serves as "art supply central."
And the girls did a few self portraits....
in watercolor, of course....
Are you painting anything soon and if so, what's the color of choice? 



  1. Very nice! Glad you had a productive weekend. Matt helped the kids with painting on Monday during craft time...they came down with no paper...but lots of green all over them...all of them. I think Emma even stuck a paint brush in Jack's ear...hmmmm...

  2. I'm hoping for some painting projects at the beginning of march (hubby is on vacation) Our walls in the main living area are a light sage. I'm up in the air I'm contemplating going with something a bit bolder... A terracotta color perhaps? I love freshly painted rooms. So fresh and clean looking... especially since my living room is covered in little finger prints!

  3. I can just imagine how beautiful it is thet right now. So funny, Ijust painted the laundry room today. Martha Stewart 'Ginger' also subtle yet bright and cheery.

  4. I think a nice pink would have worked just fine! LOL.


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