Barefoot by the Sea: Cake Joy

Friday, March 30, 2012

Cake Joy

I often fail to make a yummy cake because (ahem) I try to make the cake healthy.  I try it all, applesauce, bananas, low sugar, etc.  They just don't taste the way I think a yummy birthday cake should.  So, when a very special little girl visited us last weekend, we wanted to celebrate her 11th birthday by giving her a delicious made from scratch cake.  Heather from Townsend House blogged about this cake a few weeks ago so I decided to give it a try.  The recipe, orignally from Smitten Kitchen is rich and delicious - and that means no leftovers, which is a good thing for me!  You can find the complete "Best Birthday Cake" recipe here.
 I used Vegan Piggy's recipe for chocolate frosting - but used regular semi-sweet chocolate, because I had it on hand.  You can find her base recipe here

Again, theoretically no leftovers is a good thing....

but I'm not happy about it...


  1. Looks good! I'm glad that you liked it! Finally a homemade cake recipe that I like :-)


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