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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Easy Grab and Go Snack

I'm certainly not the one who can take credit for s'mores, but I just had to share an easy grab and go snack that I surprised my girls with the other day.  They were giddy because it was just something they weren't expected and a little sweeter than some of the usual snacks they've come to expect from me.  So simple - just little "s'mores kits" that contain:
one marshmallow, or a handful of minis
a piece or two of the chocolate of your liking....grab darker if you are looking for a healhier boost (as you can see I only give each kit a small piece of chocolate)
2 graham cracker squares

This snack is easy and a nice treat.  Riley eats her pieces seperately, saving the chocolate for last while Sydney "warms" (her words not mine) her marshmallow in her hands before smooshing it into the cracker and topping it with her chocolate. 

Instant to go smores = instant smiles!
These are great snacks to take camping and are individually portioned so you can't get into too much trouble.

What's your favorite grab and go snack?

Have a great Thursday everybody!

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  1. I was never one for s'mores. I like to toast my marshmallow over the fire, and also let my chocolate warm up - always hershey's bars though, I can't do dark chocolate...or much chocolate in general. I could leave the graham crackers for someone else though ;-)


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