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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Guest Post

This guest post was written by my friend Catherine, who is a foodie, chef and aspiring writer.  Today she shares her love of a Beko cooker.  Welcome Catherine!

The joys of cooking for the family
There aren’t many things you can do in the home that give you as much pleasure as cooking. There’s just a satisfaction you get from preparing food that you don’t get doing the hoovering, ironing or washing up. It’s probably to do with the creative element and the fact you are producing something from scratch. You start with simple, raw materials or ingredients, and end up with something that’s not only delicious but also sustains the family.

It’s the freedom of experimentation that makes cooking really special. Each time you cook it is different depending on the ingredients and cooking methods you use. Therefore, each dish tastes unique, even if you’re following a recipe.

Taking control in the kitchen
Cooking for the family has an even more special place in our hearts because it means we’re looking after them and making sure they get all the good stuff they need to be fit and healthy. It’s the reason why the kitchen is always the heart of any home. It’s where all the action takes place and the hub around which everything else revolves.

One of the keys to cooking is having the right equipment. And we’re not just talking about pots and pans. To really cook effectively you need to have the right oven. If you’ve ever tried to cook using a bad one you’ll know what we mean. The secret to great cooking is timing, and a good oven allows you to be as accurate as possible. Whether it is gas or electric, a Beko cooker means that you’re going to get the best from your oven. It’s the fastest growing cooker brand in the UK for a good reason, and designed to suit your needs.

Quick cooking
For all its importance, sometimes cooking has to be done quickly. With the kids coming in and out at all times from school, football practice or whatever else, you need to know you can rely on your oven. Having to wait half an hour while it warms up and gets into gear just isn’t an option most of the time. With a whole range to choose from, including compact and eye level models, Beko makes your life in the kitchen that little bit easier, leaving you free to check out some more delicious recipes.


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