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Monday, June 4, 2012

My Mobile Sprinkler System

We were lucky to have a two day window of beautiful weather this past Thursday and Friday.  With the outlook for the upcoming week here in New England, we took full advantage!  This is the first year that Sydney has taken a true interest in planting.  In years past, she's helped garden a bit but this year, she has been very interested in flowers and caring for them.   It's been great to teach her about the varieties in our area and care for them together.

Our clematis is almost ready to bloom!  We planted this last Fall and it was itty bitty.  It seems happy to be home!
Here is my official sprinkler, we filled that bottle at least 20 times!
She carefully tends to each and every plant (and sings too!)
Occasionally, she likes to become "the florist" and tries to pick the blooms.  I'm teaching her about dead heading the old blooms to promote new growth.  She understands the concept, although doesn't always agree with it.
Do you garden and plant with your kiddos?
Have a wonderful Monday!  Hoping the sun is out where you are!


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