Barefoot by the Sea: Big girl bed!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Big girl bed!

Yes, it's taken longer than "normal" but really, what is normal these days?  We finally got on the ball and converted Sydney into a bigger bed.  Basically, a daybed.  We will get her a bigger bed next Spring.  I was scared she would fall out but she was snug and secure all night long.  I couldn't believe how excited she was to get inside and stay inside, which of course was also a huge concern!  Something about the security of those bars made me feel great ;)  She was even more thrilled to make use of her new sheets and pillow!
We also recently painted her is a VERY VERY PINK PINK!  
So, it was a productive 4th of July for us!  After a little home decorating, we were off for a lazy evening and some sparklers!  It was a great day and although I like the weekend holidays, it was nice to have a mid-week break!


  1. What a cute comforter and owl pillow! I'll bet she really loves her new bed!


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