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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Centsible Family

I like to think I'm a savy shopper, I've talked about my use of coupons and deals in the past but I am far from an expert.  I was pretty excited to find someone in my area who runs a popular website all about saving!  The Centsible Family features the best deals around all in a very organized fashion.  Shop at Amazon all the time?  She's got a link for that!  Shop at a particular grocery store?  Again, a link for that and she takes the work out of the deal searching for you and compiles a weekly list of the very best deals!  What struck me most about Mackenzie was that she offered advice and assistance to help my blogging journey and I appreciate that more that she will never know.  Truly a great person, I encourage you to check out her wonderful site to "be in the know" for great deals and more!  

Here are a few more features that make me giddy!
  • I love that she has a Green Ideas button where she showcases some of her favorites, including using recycled plastic bottles for fun toys and features her wonderful earth friendly birthday party for her two year old!  
  • She features some great products and shares them with the rest of us too by hosting giveaways - she's got two fantastic ones right now, one for Easy Lunchboxes and an Aurora Northern Lights Yoga mat!  Be sure to check them out and enter! 
  • Her Frugal Ideas, including kids crafts, Summer and weekend activities!
  • Recipes!  She features random ones as well as SLOW COOKER showcase!  You all know how I love my slow cooker!
Like The Centsible Family on Facebook and follow on Twitter here and never miss a deal! 

Now go on, start saving and have a wonderful Tuesday my friends!


  1. I haven't heard of this site before, thanks for passing it along!

    1. I'm finding all sorts of deals on there! And Whole Living for $3.99 today! YAY!

  2. Very cool! I need to go check it out!


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