Barefoot by the Sea: Pick! Pick! PICK!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pick! Pick! PICK!

A weekend trip to the farm led us to delicious blueberry and raspberry picking.  It seems Summer is in full bloom here and we are enjoying every wonderful bite! 
This picking is hard work!  Here, Sydney is looking a little desheveled as I remind her to pick the ripe ones...only the ripe ones!
I love that these little hometown farms always have something fun for the kiddos.  Here, Sydney enjoys her new "puppy"
It was the perfect Summer day! 
Now to enjoy some fruit filled recipes....what are you baking up these days? 


  1. baking...nothing at the moment...but i have had several urges to start making muffins again with fresh blueberries from the market instead of our frozen standbys. I'm not ready for summer to be over, but having a cooler home in the fall where I can make a soup or bread is always nice!

  2. How fun! Berries are my favorite all time snack. I wish we had fresh berries here in Phoenix to pick! I refuse to bake during the hot summer months here! ;)


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