Barefoot by the Sea: Apple Time!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Apple Time!

I tend to resist the end of Summer until we get out to go apple picking!  There is just something about this time of year that I love most of all.  Getting out to the farm on a crisp, Fall day and just having family time makes me giddy.  I love taking it all in and feeling like (even if just for a couple minutes) times are less hectic and we can truly get back to the basics.  Plus, enjoying some delicious treats including freshly picked apples and cider donuts never hurt either! 
Our season here in NH started a full three weeks early for most orchards.  The warmer weather in the Spring certainly put our crops on "fast forward" until we got a frost at the end of April.  Unfortunately, some orchards lost a good portion of their crop luckily, the orchards in our immediate area are still full of large, ripe apples.  That makes for easy picking!

Now, onto more the form of eating them! 
First up....our Apple Chips (or Rings). 
Check out Bakeaholic Mama's recipe here!  Love her! 
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Thanks for the recipe link! I have been looking for a recipe in the oven :-)

  2. love love love apple chips. Thanks for sharing!


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