Barefoot by the Sea: Fear not

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fear not

On my never ending quest to make myself a better person, I'm diving into the "unknown" and trying out things that I've avoided doing for so long.  It may be tackling a new skill, getting rid of my clothes that I might need/what in the future, trying a new sport or putting myself in a place that I'm not 100% comfortable.  The fact is, my fear often keeps me from doing the things I want to do.  It may be my fear of failure, the fear I won't have time to complete the task, judgement or the fear of embarrassment.  The fact is, my fear often prevents me from fulfilling my dreams. 

May this be the year I learn to sew, start cross country skiing again, take a yoga class and throw a dinner party.  Who cares if my chairs are so old that the screw in the chair may poke someone in the behind?  Well, scratch that last goal, at least until we get some new chairs or have them repaired.  Baby steps after-all!

"It seems whatever the door, whatever our fear - be it love or truth or even the prospect of death - we all have this choice, again and again: avoiding that part of our house, or opening the door and finding out more about ourselves by waiting until what is dark becomes seeable." - Mark Nepo

What are you afraid of?  How do you cope with fear?


  1. Excellent thoughts! I love cross country skiing! We used to go all the time when I was growing up (downhill is for my brother :-)). As far as fears go, I am so off the map with my thoughts on life, I have kind of come to the conclusion that anything I want to do, whether it is keeping chickens on my 1/4th of an acre, or making homemade deodorant - I am crazy and everyone is going to look at me like I am crazy. It was something that was harder for me when I was younger, but then one day I made the decision to not care what others think about what I do. It doesn't have any bearing on what I do ~ hence the crazy :-) Now, I might be more afraid of what people will say when I finally disconnect from the grid, or take a media sabbatical! And there is always the fear of failure, but considering I fail every year at gardening, I am getting used to it!

  2. Oh I totally agree. Fear is always what stops me from doing something. Usually it is fear of failure or looking stupid! The older I get the easier it is to overcome that fear, though, so that's a good thing. I am by nature a shy, reserved person so doing things that involve meeting new people makes me kind of nervous, but I always feel better afterwards for getting out of my comfort zone :)

  3. My greatest and deepest fear is not being there for my kids when they need me the most and that something bad will happen to them.


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