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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Life Lessons

As all of you know, last week was Martin Luther King Jr. Day and our family had the opportunity to be home together.  It was a welcome break and allowed us time to all take a break from our normally busy schedules.  It was a special day and both our daughters were interested in the history behind the holiday.  It was a day full of discussion and family. 
We watched some of the Inauguration 2013... 
The girls were inspired to work on their own books about Martin Luther King Jr. Day...
and discussed what the day meant to them and to all citizens...

I think it is very important to treat these times as educational opportunities and daily whenever the chance arises.  The fact that my children were interested, listening and engaged reminded me that they are sponges, just taking it all in.  They enjoy learning and thrive on it.  The day offerred a reminder for us to slow down and have conversations with our children.  Children ask great, thought provoking questions for us to think about.  Children are eager to please, they want to learn and want to grow into the best people they can to contribute to society.  It is often forgotten but we are teachers too, the consistant educators that our children will have throughout their lives.  We need to teach our children and reconnect.

What do you do to connect with your family?  Do you take the time to teach your children on a daily basis?


  1. How nice that you take the time to explain to your kiddos WHY people, holidays etc are important. My 6 yo just asked me today why we celebrate Easter. Yikes. I'm sure I've gone over that before.

    1. Gwen, thanks for taking the time to say that! I do believe it's important to take the time to answer their questions and listen. I learn as much from the, as they do from me!

  2. I think this is so wonderful! Holidays often become synonymous with "vacations" and "free time" and we forget why there are so special and important in the first place. I love that you spent such a wonderful day together with your family and explained to your children why this holiday is so important and who the man was that started it all.

    Haha - and funny story about kids and holidays. A friend of mine asked her young son why they celebrated Christmas, and he blurted out, "Because it's Santa's birthday!" Haha, she's very religious and had taught him that it was Christ's birthday, but the little tyke had finally figured out who Santa was so he was just a little excited about the whole thing. She said she was a little embarrassed over it, but I thought it was cute. Later on in his bedtime prayer he thanked Heavenly Father for Santa. Now isn't that just darling?

    1. Thank you for sharing that Rachel. I truly believe children are wise beyond their years. They are innocent, smart and full of wonder......and not yet jaded by negativity and skepticism! Love that!


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