Barefoot by the Sea: Getting Messy

Monday, April 1, 2013

Getting Messy

It's no coincidence that Sydney, my youngest has always had more fun when she's allowed to get messy.  Why not?  No strict rules or boundaries, just plain fun!  Last week, we pulled out a ton of fingerpaint and spent a solid hour doing just that: getting messy, painting, laughing and enjoying special time with one another.  It was a wonderful way to spend a chilly afternoon.  It made me recall a day so long ago, when Sydney had her first afternoon of fingerpainting - at only 8 months old. 
Back then the giggles were also plentiful and my paint covered baby had a nice relaxing bath and nap after.  These days my "baby" isn't interested in rest time but she did have fun cleaning all her paint off and proudly displaying her artwork once it was dried. 
Here favorite?  A handprinted masterpiece that both Mom and Sydney did together.  I have a feeling it be a favorite of mine for years to come, long after she is no longer interested in the fingerpaint!
So go ahead and let your kids get messy - it's good for them!  (And I'll repeat that over an over again all throughout mud season!)


  1. Ah yes, mud season :-) Right now my kids are begging to go the rain...I might just let them once it warms up a bit! Great reminder for us to let go of expectations and let our kids have some fun.

  2. How cute! This is a really great idea. I'm sure everything is more fun for kids when they are free to get as messy as they want :)

  3. I agree, my kids are the happiest when they can be just be and have fun! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I stopped by to follow you back:)


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