Barefoot by the Sea: Party Time - My 1st is NINE!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Party Time - My 1st is NINE!

Last week, we celebrated my first baby turning NINE!  I can hardly believe it and yes, it was a week of emotions for this Mama and lots of fun for my girl.  We started off with a party with friends, we had a "Beanie Boo" theme.  The girls had a lovely, simply lunch, made party hats for their "boos", made bottle cap necklaces, had a scavenger hunt and played pin the big eyes on the donkey.  Lots of giggles and fun and probably the easiest party we've ever thrown, I'm fortunate she has a nice group of friends! 
The rest of the week was spent celebrating with a dinner out in Boston and a trip to the Butterfly Museum.  It was a great week!  Here are a few party pictures...
The cake from My Friend's Bakery
Lunch included basil/mozzerella/tomato skewers, italian pasta salad, assorted tea sandwiches, fruit salad and chips and salsa.  The ladies enjoyed it!
Riley got some thoughtful gifts, including new reading material, craft items, a trendy chevron clipboard (I'm jealous) and of course, new beanie boos!
We decorated with of course, balloons and lots of purple with a little pink...
The girls decorated their mini party hats for their Beanie Boos and each received a mini Beanie to take home as a favor.
 Happy Birthday to our sweet, kind, funny, beautiful, thoughtful, 9 year old! 


  1. Happy birthday Riley! Sounds like an amazing party! Good job mama :-)

    1. PS I had to look up what a beanie boo is, i have never heard of them...clearly out of the loop ;-)

  2. Awww looks so fun! That cake is just adorable. Happy 9th birthday, Riley!

  3. So cute! I love the Beanie Boo theme....and my Ellia would love it too! She is a little obsessed with them (probably has 8 hanging from her backpack). And the little hats? I will HAVE to show her this :)

  4. Love the cake and the party hats turned out too cute!!! Way to go Mom:-)


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