Barefoot by the Sea: Craft Camp, Day Three

Friday, July 19, 2013

Craft Camp, Day Three

Day Three of Craft Camp was met with a lot of laughs and a lot of wild girls!  Who knew that in a mere three days, these girls could warm so wonderfully to one another.  It was truly a joy to observe!  Today we had two main projects - painted glass jars and embellished t-shirts.  The girls enjoyed a bit of freestyle art and celebrated their last craft camp day with chocolate chip cookies and fruit and yogurt parfaits. 

Each camper received a clear glass jar, along with a pencil and a pallet of acrylic paints.  The idea was to create polka dot flowers or polka dots by using their pencil eraser as a stamp.  Within about ten minutes some opted to use their paint brushes for a more conventional look, while others continued with the stamps.  They all did a wonderful job and utilized their paint very nicely!
Here's a shot of the finished products.  Again, we made sure to do this project first so that we could allow time for them to dry. 
Our next project was homeade sun catchers made from pony beads.  It was really fun.  We used an old muffin tin and as each girl was finished with their painted jar, they would come up and select their colors for their suncatchers and arrange the beads inside the muffin pan.  I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked of this project but here is one...
The younger girls were a little....distracted during this point and opted to play.  When the day was done, I found this in my living room.  Sydney claimed it was a "pen accident" and luckily this wasn't the first time something like this had occured on my couch before so I was able to remove the stain fairly easily and got a good arm workout after camp was over. 
While the girls were enjoying their snack, I was busy setting up their t-shirt embelishment station.  I found pretty yellow t-shirts at the $1 store (who knew?!)  for each girl.  I set up an area with fabric, buttons, pom poms, etc and called each camper up individually to select five items they wanted on their t-shirts.  Each was called one at a time and as they returned to their work areas, they set up the embellishments the way they wanted them.  They continued to come up until most of the supplies were taken.  From there, we worked with a hot glue gun to adhere the items to the girls t-shirts.  The results were adorable and I had a gaggle of happy girls in bright, sunny yellow t-shirts!  And, the SUN CAME OUT after three days of rain!  It was a pretty special day!  
Some of the girls played and danced while a few others opted to paint more glass stones in anticipation for the 4th of July.  It was a fun and easy, impromptu project.  We had a wonderful camp time and I look forward to the next one!  It was incredibly rewarding and fun for my children so why not?


  1. I love the yellow t-shirts! I think I need to go to the dollar store! My furniture is completely stained - not to be coming out anytime soon. I guess buying white furniture pre-kids wasn't the smartest and learn :-)

  2. I'm so glad that craft camp was a success! All the crafts you chose for the girls to do look so fun. I have to admit I cringed a little bit when I saw that pen mark on the cushion - yikes! I don't have any kids yet so I'm not used to accidents like that haha.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Looks like such a fun camp! I love what you said about the girls growing close over a short period of are so good at that! We had some wonderful experiences of meeting new friends during park & rec classes this summer, and it truly is wonderful to see!


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