Barefoot by the Sea: Cheaply Decorate Your Yard with Style

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Cheaply Decorate Your Yard with Style

If you spend the Summers indoors, only going out to your back yard to grill some burgers or play with the dog, then it may be time for a yard makeover. With a few well purchased accessories and plants, you can turn your yard into more than just a yard, but an outdoor living space that can become the place to go on a warm Summer evening.

Updating your yard furniture may be one of the best ways to give your yard a makeover. Lawn furniture wears out, especially after years being exposed to the elements. Purchasing a nice, but inexpensive patio set can help create a beautiful outdoor living room. If you can't find a color combination that you like, don't be afraid to switch out cushions for a pop of color. Investing in some cheap patio umbrellas not only can add color to your yard, but can help create shady spaces as well. On some sites such as TheLAShop you can buy umbrellas as small as 8 feet across and as large as 13 feet across in various colors and even styles. You can coordinate these to the cushions on your patio furniture to create a cohesive color scheme across your garden.

You can also update your backyard with new plants, even if you have little garden space. Purchasing interesting planters and filling them with flowers can be a tasteful way to add more nature and color to your garden. You don't have to spend a fortune on planters either. With some spray paint that matches your patio furniture and umbrellas, you can take a plain plastic planter and turn it into something extraordinary. With some masking tape you can add stripes or even geometric designs.

Another way to update your landscaping is to re-mulch the garden areas of your yard. New mulch ads more color and creates a professional look, especially if it is professionally edged with edging such as miniature fences. Mulch fades and rots over the span of a year and adding new mulch will bring your garden up to date. An additional plus of putting down new mulch is that it helps keep weeds away to save you work in your garden. You should also spend some time trimming or replacing overgrown or old looking plants to make your garden stand out.

One of the best ways to create an outdoor living space where you and your family will want to spend evenings is through updating lighting and adding some outdoor speakers for music. Line the top of your fence with rope lighting. Invest in some solar powered led lamps and place them around your yard. Not only will you help illuminate pathways, but you can softly light your entire garden at night without the need for running wires or replacing batteries. Adding some wireless outdoor speakers can help bring music outdoors in a way that will create much more quality sound than just bringing an iPod dock or small speakers outside.

With a few nicely purchased items and a little creativity, you can create an area in your yard where your family will want to spend time in the summer. With some new patio furniture and umbrellas, some nice planters and updated gardens and the addition of new lighting and speakers, you can create a cozy living area that will act as an extension of your home.

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  1. Our patio furniture needs a major update! I really want a colorful umbrella by our BBQ!

  2. We love redecorating our yard!! It's so much fun....and we usually wait until the end of the season so we can get better deals :)


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