Barefoot by the Sea: The Horse Obsession

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Horse Obsession

My girls have always loved horses.  I don't know many little kids who don't love them, especially if they've spent any bit of time around them.  They are simply beautiful animals and of course, I am biased since we owned two as I was growing up.  I started at the age of six taking riding lessons and continued right up through high school . There is just something peaceful and magical about being on a farm on a beautiful Summer day. 
We are lucky enough to be very close to a beautiful Equine Facility at our local university.  It's open and welcoming, with plenty of horses waiting to say hello and steal a carrot or two.  There are also several students in the Equine Studies program that are willing and eager to share their horse knowledge with my daughters and offer suggestions and advice.  It's a wonderful, educational opportunity! 
Riley, specifically is determined to take riding lessons and then comes a major financial investemnt.  Because, you can't just have a lesson here or there, you need to do research and determine the best option and fit for a beginner rider and then the dedication that comes along with horse back riding lessons and the commitment (both time and financial).  For now, we are looking for a horsemanship class and weighing our options.  I often wish we could have more interest in a slightly less expensive sport however, that's what being an individual is all about.  And really, I can't blame them - they are beautiful and normally gentle animals, it's so easy to get lost in them!
Someday!  For now, the girls are busy admiring them from a far, learning about them, reading and visiting.  That works too....for now :)


  1. I had a major horse obsession as a young girl too. There is something so theraputic about them. Such amazing animals.

  2. Awww how cute! A couple years ago my husband bought us a horseback riding lesson for my birthday. I'd always been scared of horses and wanted to get over my fear, so he thought this would be a good idea. It was fun, but I was also terrified the whole time haha. I think horses are beautiful, but I don't really like being around animals that are much bigger than me (a weird phobia of mine). But I do admire those who can work well with horses :) I hope your girls get to spend a lot more time learning about horses!

  3. Such sweet pictures....and I love the idea of kids spending time with animals. I really wish so many activities for kids were less expensive....I'm sure horse back riding is way up there!

  4. Love that first picture with the breeze blowing and your daughter's yellow dress. We know a thing or two about horse love around these parts:)

  5. I love the pics.. SO beautiful . I feel like you took all your readers there. Thanks for taking us there. LOVE IT ALL


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