Barefoot by the Sea: Bouquets

Monday, September 16, 2013


I feel like I've been gifted with Back to School bouquets from my garden!  I have said it a million, zillion times....I LOVE ZINNIAS!  They really are the most perfect flower that just keeps producing!  We have them all over the house now and we are enjoying them as long as they last!  Bud vases, large bouquets, you name it...they are everywhere!  The girls even have shared them with their teachers...nothing wrong with buttering them up on the 1st Day of School, right?
In other news, I did a few Flower Headbands for the girls.  These were sort of inspired by the zinnias we've cared for this Summer together.  Special times with my girls make me smile, plain and simple!
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  1. Ooooh so pretty! I need to grow more zinnias next year. They really are such lovely flowers perfect for displaying. Your headbands are really adorable!

  2. Can you believe I have never grown Zinnia's? After reading your love for them, I am adding them to my list for next year!

  3. I LOVE these adorable headbands.....they would fit perfectly with our collection ;) Well done, my friend!!


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