Barefoot by the Sea: Werther's Original® Caramel Popcorn MommyParties "Munch 'n Movie"

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Werther's Original® Caramel Popcorn MommyParties "Munch 'n Movie"

If your a Mom, I think you will agree - it's hard work!  The daily grind of  being a short order cook, fashion stylist, tutor, chauffeur, nurse, etc, etc!  Well, it's not always easy.  I was pretty thrilled to be selected to host some friends for a movie night.  Let's face it, sometimes you just need to be with friends!  Thanks to MommyParties and Werther's Original® Caramel Popcorn we had a fantastic, relaxing and delicious evening! 

First, of course, I needed to try it to make sure it was good, right?  Perhaps a little justification there on my part! This stuff is SO GOOD!  Right out of the bag is was super fresh and tasty but not overly sugary like some heavier caramel popcorn can be.  This is hands down, the best caramel popcorn I've ever tasted!

We were lucky to have the opportunity to host a Mommy Party where we watched the movie Soul Surfer and snacked on this delicious new Werther's Original® Caramel Popcorn.  We had several bags of this delicious popcorn and there was not a single piece left by the end of the evening (much to my hubby's chagrin!)  It was so good that everyone couldn't help but inhale this yummy snack!
With the upcoming holidays, this would make the perfect addition to a gift basket, neighbor's gift and the perfect snack to keep on hand for unexpected guests!

At the end of the party, I asked some friends for some quotes about the popcorn. Here are a few of my favorites:
  • This would make the perfect teacher gift this year!
  • This is something that my entire family would go nuts for!
  • I love that the bag is resealable - I can keep it when I'm on the run or even in my desk drawer at work. I would snack on this throughout the week.
  • This would make a fantastic treat for my kids, they would LOVE it!
  • That is so cool that Werther's came out with this popcorn. I love their candy and I hope that they continue to come out with innovative products like this.
  • One word: "Delish!"
  • My new yummy addiction - how could you stop?
Have you tried Werther's Original® Caramel Popcorn?  Keep an eye out the next time you are at the store and looking for a new, delicious snack!
Learn more by visiting Werther's Original® Caramel Shop and snag yourself a coupon for a bag! You'll also find caramel recipes, baking tutorials, special offers and giveaways.  A fun place to visit, especially if you are looking ahead to holiday baking! 

Disclosure: I was provided the Werther's Original® Caramel Popcorn and movie to host my "Munch 'n Movie" Mommy Party. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own.


  1. This sounds so good! I love caramel popcorn so I will be on the lookout for this next time I go to the store :)

  2. Werther's are my all time favorite candy to have around. I'm sure their caramel corn would be awesome!! Thanks for letting us know about it!


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