Barefoot by the Sea: Reconnecting

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Our family has realized there is great happiness in unplugging and reconnecting.  That is, shutting the television off, putting away our electronic devices and just connecting as a family.  It started when we introduced our "Friday Game Nights".  We make pizza, pick a couple games and just relax.  We enjoy family time and one another in a way that I truly believe is not possible when you are directing your attention to something else.  I get so frustrated with my husband if the tv is on and we are trying to discuss something.  "I'm listening" I hear but in reality, he isn't.  He is half listening and that doesn't count in my female mind.  Is it too much to expect his undivided attention once and a while?  Anyway, that's for another day.  Back to unplugging.  I've found my kids tend to enjoy my time away from the computer and away from blogging.  I also realize that it's important for me to take occasional breaks - especially when it means I'm missing out on family time.  Of course I am not going to give up blogging but I may do four days of blog posts instead of daily posts especially once Summer vacation arrives.  Then again, I love blogging find it's a great creative outlet.  Basically, I'm not making any promises.  Here are some things our family does instead of watching a movie together or flipping on our Ipods.  Seems like basic ideas but some of them started to fall by the wasteside so my hope is by writting them here I'll have more accountability.

1.  Family Walks.  Exercise is so important and encouraging children to stay active is as well.  One thing we try to do, especially as the weather here in the Northeast gets nicer, is get outside after dinner.  It's a great way to connect. 
2. Nature Walks - I talked about this a couple weeks ago.  The girls love exploring and learning about the great outdoors!
3.  Family Gardening - I find that this is a fun and educational activity when everybody is involved.  Plus, they love to eat what they grow!
4.  Picnics - Again, as the weather gets nicer but the Spring is a great time to start a once a week habit.  We try to eat outside for every meal when the bugs aren't too bad and the pollen dies down.
5.  Art time - It's a fun to watch what each family member constructs with clay, watercolors or simple sketching.  It's also fun to see what the kids will come up with when you ask them to sketch one another. 
6.  Dance - We do this a lot.  We declare "Dance Party" and boogie on down.  We may not always agree on the music but we do agree it's fun!
7.  Clean - Ok, I'm stretching it a bit but I can honestly say that an 8 year old and soon to be 4 year old enjoy it when everybody has a task
8.  Cook together - It can be messy but there is great bonding time opportunities when families cook together.
9.  Don't answer the phone.  We live in 2014, we have caller id and an answering machine so if there is an emergency, we will likely find out but for the most part we will not answer if we are in the middle of unplugging.
10.  Read together.  A family story, sitting outside on a warm day is pretty perfect.  But it doesn't always have to be on a beautiful day outside, it can be on a damp, dreary afternoon as well. 

Now to just live it.  That's the goal. 


  1. Excellent thoughts! And I have to say the cleaning works in this house. I'm not sure how much my babes really help me, but to give them some wash clothes and tell them to wash down the baseboards and cupboards - it works out pretty well! Unplugging and taking breaks from technology is so important, and it is something we all struggle with - that balance. Hence me taking most of the month of March off from blogging - it was wonderful :-)

  2. I love ALL these ideas! Getting quality time together as a family is NEVER easy....but so important! Thanks for the reminder and ideas list, my friend....I'm going to print it to peek at when we need some "together time"!!

  3. Unplugging is such a good thing to do! It is hard to find a balance, but I find if I look closely at where my time is spent, I can also see where a lot of my time is wasted (facebook, pinterest, etc). Simply shutting the computer off instead of resorting to them all the time is a good thing! Sometimes, we are to good in our house about not answering the phone, but when we are on the phone so much for our jobs, it makes it easier to do. TV on the other hand... We need to be better at hitting the power button on that device.


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