Barefoot by the Sea: Strawberries!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I hope you've been having a great Summer so far!  Our 4th of July weather, pretty rainy thanks to the hurricane that was hitting the East Coast!  Total washout...but luckily, the rest of the weekend was beautiful and warm.  By this past Monday it had finally warmed up enough that the strawberry fields were ready for more picking!  I was a but worried that the fields would be a soggy mess and while there were some soggy strawberries on the ground, we still found plenty of delicious, juicy, tasty strawberries that did not disappoint!  The girls still love to pick - and sample, Sydney's juice covered chin is a dead giveaway we were busy trying out some of the varieties.  They are so hard to resist!  We picked a few pounds so we will have plenty of tasty berries to eat this week and I'm sure they will be gone soon.  I usually strawberry pick a couple of times throughout the season and our season is late this year.  The first round is typically for mostly eating and the second round is for eating and freezing.  I just have to make sure my "helpers" are ready to pick!  Later this week I'm hoping to also go over to another favorite farm that has cherry and raspberry picking!  What a glorious time of year!
I also scored this pretty little Lands End dress for Sydney a yard sale down our street for $1.  It was brand new and I rarely find these kinds of gems but I couldn't resist! 
Needless to say, Sydney knew just what to wear for strawberry picking.  Good thing the dress was ONLY a $1, it will never be the same!


  1. Love the dress! And I need to get out for more strawberries...hopefully this weekend!

  2. I never find great yard sale scores either--lol. Sorry to hear your 4th was a wash.

  3. The berries look perfect, and the dress is adorable! Sounds like it was the best dollar spent!
    Sadly, I think I missed most of our strawberry season here, I was just to busy... I am definitely staying on top of raspberry season though :)

  4. That dress will NEVER be the same.....can you post a picture of it post-picking??? :)


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