Barefoot by the Sea: LeapBand by LeapFrog Feature

Sunday, September 7, 2014

LeapBand by LeapFrog Feature

Making sure kids stay active for the recommended 60 minutes per day is easy…in the Summer!  Plenty of outdoor activities, visits to the beach and lake, touring our favorite parks, hiking and just simply playing outside. Summer is full of activity and movement!
Living in the Northeast, however, can be inconsistent.  Here in New Hampshire, our Winters can be particularly brutal - like last year, when it felt just too cold to get outside on most days.  When it wasn't too cold (and trust me, that was rare, thanks to our lovely "Polar Vortex") it seemed too wet or too damp.  Either way, as the colder weather months approach, we have limits as far as how much time we spend outside and how active we actual are.  I'm always looking for creative ways to engage the kids - who seem to have plenty of energy.  Thanks to LeapFrog, I have another option!

Leapfrog’s new LeapBand gives you a fun, new option!  The LeapBand gives your child an electronic pet that is powered your child's movement!  My favorite part of the LeapBand is that is directs your child’s natural energy into something positive!  The kids actually focus on their movement and are incented by feeding, grooming and playing with their pet.  These activities are fueled by their energy!  Genius, right?  So, instead of your kid running all over the house and screaming (not that it ever happens here).  They are able to have are moving with a purpose - moving and learning at the same time!  To earn more jewels their pet, your child can complete “challenges” such as: “wiggle like a worm” and “jump up and down ten times”.  The LeapBand also has parental controls so it can be turned off during school time or at night.
Saturday was Fit Made Fun day!  It's so fun to stay active, our family loves hiking and getting moving!  Be sure and take some time to be active with your kids - not just today but every.  single.  day! It's so important and a great way to connect with your children, encourage activity and be healthy.  As a parent, I feel that it's our responsibility to help them get there.  Remember, lead by example!

Oh and one last thing - leading by example also includes healthy eating but also consuming snacks and food that fuel our bodies.  We eat a lot of veggies, fruits and protein.  These Clif Protein bars are a great option if you are on the go, hiking or bike riding!  Great to see CLIF KID providing kids with their very own healthy bar too!
Be sure to check out the new, interactive LeapBands here!

Please note, I did receive a promotional pack in exchange for checking out these products however, all opinions are my own.

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