Barefoot by the Sea: Flower Easter Treats

Friday, February 27, 2015

Flower Easter Treats

I was strolling through Target the other day and realized there are bunnies lurking all around.  Bunnies and Cadbury Eggs and Mini Eggs!  This time of year, there are tons of yummy Easter treats lurking around just about every corner.  It's hard to keep it healthy 100% of the time.  At Easter, we do enjoy the occasional handful of jelly beans, within moderation of course!  I'll always remember the thrill of my Easter Basket when I was a kid and looked forward to my basket scattered with jelly beans, malted milk balls and a chocolate bunny.  I always got Peeps and never ate them.  They were always the last thing left in the basket!  Overall, the Easter bunny always did a good job.  Still, I like to help the him out with a few unique treats that are a little unexpected.  That's where these super easy Flower Jelly Bean Pops come in! It's fun to get creative with the flavors too.  You can whip these up in no time and they are the perfect treat to hand out as favors at your local egg hunt or at your holiday table!

  • Jelly Belly Jelly Beans in the flavors of your choice
  • Wax Paper
  • Paper straws of lollipop sticks
  • White Chocolate
  1. Prepare your surface by laying a piece of wax paper down. 
  2. Heat your chocolate in 30 second intervals in microwave to ensure it doesn't burn or over low heat on stovetop. 
  3. Once your chocolate is melted, drop about 1/2 teaspoon - 1 teaspoon on wax paper until you have a circle or lollipop shape of your choice
  4. Carefully place the five jelly beans of your choosing around the circle to create a flower affect
  5. Cut one jelly bean in half for the center
  6. Insert the straw into the base of your lollipop and allow to cool
  7. Enjoy!
Get creative with your favor flavors! I made white chocolate lemon lime, white chocolate banana coconut and white chocolate lemon pear here. Other ideas I had included milk chocolate raspberry, white chocolate strawberry vanilla and milk chocolate banana! Anything goes!

Hope you have a great weekend - MARCH 1st?!  HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!  I'm hoping that means we will enjoy some mild and SUNNY Spring soon!


  1. These are so cute! I get excited about Easter because it will be Spring by then (let's hope!). I'm not much of a Peeps fan and neither are my kids but they look cute.

  2. This is a great idea, and I know my boys will enjoy this. Even though they are getting older, they still like to help in the kitchen. :-) And create good treats.
    Thank you, Carla

  3. These are so sweet! Perfectly springy! You did give me a trip down memory lane to my Easter Baskets, and I remember Robin Eggs being my favorite... at least I think that is what they were called :)


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