Barefoot by the Sea: Cottontail Bunny Craft

Friday, March 20, 2015

Cottontail Bunny Craft

Easter may sneak up on us this year, it's April 5th!  We always like to do seasonal crafts and my kids seem to enjoy working on various projects that really celebrate the upcoming holidays.  It's a great educational opportunity as well, and of course to take the time to discuss the true meaning behind what we are celebrating and each holiday's history and origins.  

Of course with an upcoming holiday, we ALWAYS want to  each wanted an Easter-ify our house - and more importantly, decorations in their rooms! It doesn't have to be major but something that is festive and FUN!  During our last Teacher's Workshop day, we settled down to make some simple silhouette bunnies.

Materials needed:
Cardstock or scrapbook paper
Cotton balls or any decorations you want to use
Directions -
Draw or trace your desired bunny shape
Cut out the shape
Finish with decorations - cotton balls, eyes, etc. 
I love using scrapbook paper because it often is double sided with different patterns on each.  This means that if they make a mistake or want to have a different look you can simply have two decorations in one!

Simple, quick and kid friendly.  Our kind of craft!

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend my friends!  TGIF!


  1. So cute, my friend! My girls are having a double sleepover tonight......and I just happen to have everything we need for this! They'll love it!

  2. I love the scrapbook paper too. Super simple! I love it.

  3. Super cute! I may have to add this to our daddy school plans!

  4. Cute! I somehow imagine you always have the most festive and decorated home!

  5. Hi,
    I am going to have the boys help me make these. Great idea! I love the cute bunny fluff tail. :-)


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