Barefoot by the Sea: No Joke

Friday, April 10, 2015

No Joke

Being a native New England-er, I'm VERY familiar with Winter, cold temperatures, snow, ice, rain, sleet, slush, freezing name it, I've seen it.  What I am not used to seeing is giant, no, ENORMOUS piles of fifthly snow all around me!  I snapped this picture on the first sunny day I've seen in a while.  DIRTY snow - piled so high, I can't explain how long I anticipate it to stick around.  

So, while many of you are lucky enough to see bulbs shooting up out of the ground or (gasp) flowers starting to bud, I'd like to let you know just how lucky you are!  It will be a long while before we're there.  We are ALL ready for Spring and warmer temperatures.  I'm talking a good 55 degree streak.  Not being greedy or unrealistic here,  just would like to wear a lighter coat, it's time to retire my Winter coat.  I mean, it's great walking around endlessly in a giant comforter but it is April!  I'm ready for some SPRING!  

Looking forward to a mild weekend ahead - hoping it's the first of MANY!  Enjoy my friends!


  1. I totally understand! We were lucky enough to get a few warm sunny days recently and it's amazing how quickly things change over!! It's coming, I promise! We're back to cold rainy days now but I know the warmer temps will return. I'd just like a little spring before it's full on summer!

  2. I'm sorry. It was 90 degrees here one day this week. I'm enjoying it before the summer comes. It'll be my turn to have miserable weather everyday.

  3. Hang in there and enjoy your lower electric bill this summer :( That's the most optimistic comment I can think of right now. We are finally getting the flowers and the spring weather here.

  4. Hoping you get some nice gentle spring rains to help clean things up, and melt that other stuff away!

  5. We had a very warm late winter but we're also looking at a very low snow pack and a possible drought. The weather does its thing for a reason but I don't blame you for wanting the warm weather there asap!

  6. Hi
    We are finally warming up this week! Hope it is here to stay. I still have my winter coat on too!!


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