Barefoot by the Sea: Mother's Day

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!  The weather was absolutely beautiful yesterday, mid 80s and plenty of sunshine.  We spent the day the way I love to, all together!  We were outside and cleaning out the garden and getting it all prepped and ready for the growing season ahead.  Sydney also brought me home this lovely gift from school!  

She was SO excited to give me my gift and so very proud of her planting she did without help.  My heart melted a little!
On Friday night we hosted our very first sleepover to a group of 11 year old giggling girls.  It was a fun time, filled with crafts, laughs and birthday cake.  That's a recipe for happiness I tell ya!  

That's all from my end today but I'm hoping to share a little more about the festivities of our weekend in  the coming days.  Hope you all are off to a fantastic week!  May 11th?  We are inching closer to mid month!  How can that be? 


  1. Such a beautiful flower. Your daughter did a great job. Sounds like a fun party too!

  2. Such a beautiful flower and pot! Your daughter should be very proud!

  3. Sweet! I love receiving Mother's Day gifts from the kids. They are so innocence and from the heart. Special times for us
    xx oo


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