Barefoot by the Sea: Schools Out For Summer!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Schools Out For Summer!

This week has been a whirlwind! Our last week of school here...field trips, end of the year parties and field day. Not to mention teacher gifts, year end potlucks, volunteering, baking and everything in between! It's been a great one, full of excitement and fun!

I remember last year at this time, the end of the year was bittersweet: it marked my oldest a 4th grade year and end of her time at this elementary school. We celebrated with a 4th grade graduation ceremony. Emotions were in high gear, we were all struggling with moving on. My youngest completed kindergarten. Again, celebrated with her "kindergarten graduation", she was ready to leave her nurturing kindergarten teachers who we loved. June was tough last year. I was emotional. Don't even get me started on the nerves and anticipation of a new Middle School experience - lockers, more kids, new drop off was hard, at times to really enjoy last Summer because it was so full of the next steps.  Looking back at the blog last year, I wrote this...

"Saying goodbye to our school was bittersweet for all of us.  Sydney will be there next year and it will be her turn to shine without the shadows of her big sister but she will miss her dearly and things won't be the same.  This week really felt like an ending, finishing a chapter and starting new.  We have felt a bittersweet sadness that has been difficult to swallow.  These milestones and endings are significant, not in a bad way but one that signifies changes that are ahead and new beginnings."

I'm happy to report we made it through 5th and 1st grade!  The girls have both made major strides this year, grades are great, friends are plentiful. That's not to say this wasn't a huge adjustment year and of course we had difficulties from time to time, it wasn't perfect but we made it. I'm glad this school year is under our belt so the nerves have subsided. We can really relax and enjoy this Summer vacation a and know that September will bring new teachers and friends but they will both see plenty of familiar faces and they are both used to the way things work at their schools.

Bring on Summer - we plan to make the most of every bit!


  1. So happy to read that the school year was such a success!
    Looking forward to reading about your summer vacation activities! Relax and enjoy!

  2. Yeah, I think you will have a better summer without the anxiety of the unknown. I hope it is a good one for you all!

  3. I can totally relate to the sentimental feelings of transition. Believe me! Sounds like it all turned out great though. I hope you have an amazing summer!

  4. From the heart, that is what I love about your posts!
    We are pumped up to CELEBRATE summer too :-))


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