Barefoot by the Sea: Teacher Gifts 2015

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Teacher Gifts 2015

By now, school is out for most of us, I hope you're off to a wonderful summer vacation so far! We were lucky enough to have some great teachers again this year, I'm so grateful to those who put their heart and soul into their teaching. It's an amazing calling and we have been blessed to have some fantastic teachers!
We always like to give an end of the year teacher gift so after thinking about the teachers, we decided we would go the simple "Happy Summer" route. I saw similar ideas on Pinterest and I always come back to the same thought, who couldn't use a great new beach bag, towel and tumbler? I know I could! These made for a quick and cute gift!  Riley gave her teachers a beach bag and tumbler and Sydney opted for a towel/tumbler combo!
We also wanted to thank our special teachers so I baked up a batch of cookies and attached a travel size hand sanitizer on top. Just a little something to say thank you to those who work with my kids everyday!

Now all we need is some warmer weather and we can all happily hit the beach!


  1. I'm sure the teachers loved them! I always did a summer themed gift too!

  2. That is so cool!
    I am sure the teachers will miss your girls!

  3. Those look great! My teacher's gifts this year were pretty lame and I am hoping to up my game next year ;)


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