Barefoot by the Sea: Mid Summer Days

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Mid Summer Days

We have most definitely been experiencing later nights as we approach the middle of Summer! This year, I've given the kids a little more freedom to just explore outside. They are a older now and gone are the days when I need to be right there every minute. This week they've gone on their own adventures in our yard and have really gotten back to the basics. I love these types of lazy weeks when it isn't really necessary for me to plan out an agenda. We don't "have" to be anywhere, no rushing out the door or packing lunches - unless we are heading to the beach! Instead, it's slowing down a bit and outside is waiting!
As an added bonus, they seem to be getting along nicely - no, not always but more. Less fights, more discovery and time to just be kids!  This week, they asked me to tie a piece of twine between two trees, they hung a sheet and tied the corners with twine to some sticks to use as anchors.  Instant tent = endless hours of fun and two proud girls (not to mention the two proud pups!)

These are the days I hope they always remember.
I know I will!


  1. Oh, this looks fabulous! So much relaxing fun! The best ever!!! Happy summer!

  2. Oh how fun!! Love those long summer days that seem to go on forever!!

  3. That is so special. I am looking forward to the days my children can have a little more independence like this. I often have the same thoughts wondering what they will remember. The other day My youngest was in the big Tonka dump truck and the oldest was pushing him down a hillside and they were having a blast! Stuff like that or these photos are what summer and childhood is all about it. It makes my heart full.

  4. I totally agree ~ I love long summer days and nights too.
    xx oo


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