Barefoot by the Sea: Last Bits of Summer

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Last Bits of Summer

It's September 15th, half way through the month and Summer seems to be alive and well!  While I recognize that Autumn doesn't officially arrive until September 23rd, I can't help but noticing that I do live in New England and we are still in the mid 80's this week.  Anybody who is familiar with September in New England would agree that this isn't typical of this time of year.  That being said, we are enjoying every last bit of Summer!
Our garden is still producing the most delicious tomatoes, eggplant, green beans, peppers and herbs. Oh and onions, we're starting to get those too! The squash and zucchini have passed but everything else is hanging on, healthy and heartily.  No complaints out of this bruchetta/salsa loving family!  I have to say it's been wonderful to have a steady supply of our favorites for months now. It's also been nice to not have to purchase any of these goodies at the farm!  We've also continued getting a beautiful supply of flowers, our zinnias continue to thrive and black eyed susans are doing well too. Nothing cheerier than a big, bright bouquet!  It's been a wonderful season and while we know it will come to a close soon, we've enjoyed it while it's lasted!  This long season has felt like a lovely gift!
That being said, we are looking ahead to warm, cozy Fall days. Soup and warm bread.  Apple picking.  Pumpkins.  Sweaters. 

While the weather is warm and sunny, we know it's coming.  It's just a matter of time.  For now, we'll soak up these last bits of Summer!


  1. SO great! Ours petered out awhile ago. I just pulled it all (except the Tabasco peppers and herbs) to clean it up. My flowers are mostly still good! I'm sad about summer leaving but excited about all that fall has to bring!

  2. Hi Jessica,
    We enjoyed 90 degrees today with a low humidity. Yes, we are still harvesting too. :-))
    I love your first photo today. Is it of your family enjoying the sea?

    1. That was our last beach trip, right before school started. It was a great day!

  3. Oh, Black Eyed Susans?? I love those, and now I am confused why I don't have any growing here. On the list for next year!
    Love the beach sun shining down!


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